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Maywood String Quartet

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  Maywood String Quartet
PO Box 90097
Sandy, UT 84090
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The Maywood String Quartet is the most-booked string quartet in Utah, with over 100 events every year. In over ten years of performing, the Maywood String Quartet has had ample experience performing for wedding receptions, dinners, luncheons, and ceremonies. Combining classical background with familiar favorites, the Maywood String Quartet can add a classy and celebrative feel to whatever venue at which your wedding may be.

The Maywood String Quartet's repertoire ranges from classical to popular, including special arrangements of pieces such as Pachelbel's Canon, Bach's Air and Jesu, Trumpet Voluntary, Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Time to Say Goodbye, Can't Help Falling in Love, and many more wedding-day favorites. The Maywood String Quartet has performed in every wedding venue, and at prestigious events such as the Governor Leavitt Celebration, University of Utah Graduation Ceremony, Catalyst Humanitarian Benefit Concert, Assembly Hall Concert Series, Downtown Holiday Concert Series, Utah Music Federation Competition, FM100 Mini-concert Series, and ABC Channel 4's Good Things Utah. Book a string quartet with professionalism, experience, and the expertise to know exactly how to accompany your wedding day.

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