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The Winner Of March Madness Tournament

Yes! Bride's March Madness is done. The winner of the tournament is you! You have planned the big day and honeymoon and you get to come home and enjoy your new life! The two categories we have left to investigate are the things you need after you are married. These will be fun to think about before your big day, and more fun to decide after you are home from the honeymoon and living your life together. 

Gifts and Home Furnishings is so fun! What are you going to choose for your home colors- kitchen, bath, bedroom? IKEA is here to help you with everything you could ever need or want. Check them out at the Draper store.

I Do Cookbook is a fabulous idea for a gift- I have one of them myself and it is now one of my top three cookbooks ever! It explains everything and I love that. The best part for me is it has a picture of each and every recipe! That way you know what it is supposed to look like, well... what it could look like. Tell your friends and family that this is one thing you want - it will be one of the best gifts you receive. 







  I Do Cookbook


The other category you have is life planning. This is what the whole BIG DANCE was about- you get to live with the person of your dreams. LIfe planning is exciting because you get to communicate with your husband what it is that is important to you. The fist thing you need is great communication. We have 2 fabulous companies for that -- Stronger Marriage and Matt Townsend. You also get to think about insurance. There is a lot in this category- wedding insurance, health, life, dental, car, home, etc. Valley Insurance is a great resource and can help you in all that you need.  Then banking- We have 2 great options for you -- Utah Central Credit Union and Zions Bank. Call each of them to ask how they can help you. 

Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave. - Martin Luther




  Matt Townsend



  Valley Insurance

   Zions Bank


Have a great life together and remember all of these life planning skills!  


***Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine that he automatically deserves great success in any field of activity; yet almost everyone believes that he automatically deserves success in marriage. - Sydney J. Harris



     The Communication Connection by Matt Townsend   

Keep the lines of communication open and effective.

Communication is the key to keeping the flame alive from puppy love through the golden years. No matter what problems your relationship has, effective communication can bridge the gaps and pick up the pieces.


Matt Townsend, relationship expert and founder of Townsend Relationship Center, says communication creates connections that can bring about positive change in relationships. Matt shares a few tips on how to keep those lines open and effective.


Learn to understand the seven basic needs of every relationship:


In order for a relationship to be healthy it must meet the seven basic needs: 










Notice that these needs spell the word STARVED. When these needs are not met, the relationship becomes STARVED and malnourished. By learning to recognize the seven basic needs, you can then learn to feed and strengthen your relationship.

-Look through the “smoke” and get to the “fire”. 

   Couples tend to fight about superficial “smoke” and avoid the deeper “fire”.They say their spouse spent too much money when the real issue is financial safety. Smoke chokes; cut through it and focus on the root issues which are always the STARVED stuff.

-Assume you don’t fully understand everything

    Being married for many years doesn’t mean you fully understand your spouse’s perspective. Always ask questions and make

   sure you understand the answer.

-Focus on the positive

    One negative remark can erase the benefit of five compliments. To get ahead, say 20 positive things for every negative

    comment you express.

-Remember that the receiver has the power to interpret.

    No matter what is said, the listener creates meaning. As the listener, you are the receiver of the message and you have the

    power to interpret the intent of what is being said. You decide if a comment is malicious or not. When faced with a decision

   about how to interpret a statement from your spouse, think first about what you want out of the relationship. Treat your spouse

    like the person you want them to be. How you communicate today will determine the results of your relationship tomorrow.

-Keep your head in the game

    Sometimes, it’s easy to become negative and reactive. If the other person is difficult to talk to, remember this; two heads are

    better than one, but one head is better than none. Even if your spouse isn’t listening, you can make the conversations work by

    staying positive and engaged in what you want most from the relationship.

-Make a tradition of talking every day

    Set aside 15 to 20 minutes a day for loving communication. Don’t use the time to talk about kids, carpools or work – instead,

    talk about hopes, goals, dreams and why you love each other.


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Final 4 in Bride's March Madness


I have great data you can spill out to your man and you know what -- the possibilities for your "dream team" are even higher!

Have you heard of Quintillion?  That’s how many bracket outcome possibilities exist. Not just one quintillion, though. With the expansion to 68 teams, there are now 147,573,952,589,676,412,928 possibilities. That’s over 147 quintillion! Oh my gosh that's 21 numbers long! This makes your odds of picking a perfect bracket  9.2 quintillion to 1. You have a better chance of winning the lottery! 

I'm glad to know that even though I decide my brackets based on the color of the teams jerseys- I have as good of a chance to win as my husband who knows the spreads of the games. Spreads to me are for the bed or a sandwich.

For Bride's March Madness it's so much easier and more fun to decide a winner! We are down to the FINAL FOUR! I will show you four categories today that you can make a part of your brackets... Tip off right now! 

The first one we get to think about and you can even do tastings for is the wedding cake. I think this is one of the most exciting things to decide for the BIG DANCE. You can also choose a Groom's Cake-- I love just looking at these, they are so creative! This is going to be fun! 

_____  CAKES

  Ambrosia Exquisite Wedding Cakes 

  Carrie's Cakes


Catering- I must be hungry because this category sounds like the most important to me right now!  Once again the possibilities are endless- do you want to have a full dinner for your guests, a buffet, or maybe dessert? We have lots of options that will cover anything you want and any budget.


    Brown Brothers Catering 

  Cafe Rio

  Cold Stone Creamery

 Culinary Crafts

 Elizabeth's Catering 

 Goodwood Barbecue Company 

 Leatherby's Family Creamery

 SubZero Ice Cream

  Sweet Pea Catering 

 Utah Celebrations Catering 


Well maybe this is my favorite team/category- Transportation- because I love antique cars.  There's just something about a vintage car! If you want to add a great piece to your wedding consider using an antique car- or at least do a bridal shoot by it or something! This is like a "shoot-around" in photography! Remember vintage is in...



  Something Vintage Something Blue 

We are getting down to the end of our planning- The last of our final four is to focus on the honeymoon! Yes this is the fun part! You may want to consider doing a honeymoon right here in Utah where there is the best variety within a few hundred miles! You may want to consider even having the entire BIG DANCE in Utah- a destination wedding. People travel from all around the world to come to these places. So now that you are on a winning streak and your margin of victory is improvng, here are 6 great honeymoon/destination wedding resorts to consider. You are one win away from paradise! 


   Anniversary Inn

  Homestead Resort 

  St. Regis Deer Valley

  The Inn at Entrada

  Zermatt Resort and Spa

With so many options I have no idea how you are going to decide on your dream team - but you can make it your own and show your personality.  This is going to be the best day of your life!!!  


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Who made the Bride's Elite 8?

We made it to the Elite 8!   Eight categories that involve some planning...   Check off the categories as you finish them (Score!) Make your dream team here! Options, options, options - I love options!! Now it's time for you to step it up big! This is not just any event - this is your wedding!  

So lets start with Event Consultants - If you hire one, the rest of this tournament is going to be much easier- it's like having the number one star on your team! We have 5 amazing companies to choose from. Give them a call to see what they can do for you. This can save you time and money - how can this save you money- well this isn't their first big game and they know where to go, who to talk to and what deals are out there for you.  Also they tie everything together so it is the best event that will be unique to you. There are many choices for you on how much help you would like and different charges for these services. This is not only a service for the wealthy- there is something for everyone. Look at each of their pages on BrideAccess, watch their videos and call them to better understand their fantastic services. 




  Forevermore Events   St. George

  Modern Display

   My Event Rental

   Riehl Events 


     The Noteworthy Event


Maybe you want to do some things yourself and need some decorations for your event. Some of the event planners also rent out their decorations - see I told you they can help you in many ways! Check out these fabulous options! There are also cool things like linens, water features and almost anything you can dream up!  The possibilities are endless... Kind of like the brackets in March Madness! 


_____Decorations & Rentals

  Specialty Linens


  Arbor Manor Reception Center

  Diamond Rental

  Forevermore Events  St.George

  Modern Display

   My Event Rental

   Riehl Events 




Beauty, Health and Fitness is something to start on as soon as you are engaged. Start eating right, taking care of your body, exercising and find ideas for hair, nails, make-up, etc. This is the day you want to look your best, so start preparing now. Try new things now instead of a week or two before the big day. Listed below are some experts to help you with this process. This is a hard category to completely check off now, because it is a work in progress until the big day.  We have all kinds of things in this category- massages (yes!), dance classes, hair and make-up, and exercise.  I have done all of these and they are all equally important- now and throughout your life. Have fun with this category!


_____  Beauty, Health and Fitness


  Bride Queen


 Quickstep Dance Studio 

 Richelle's Salon and Day Spa

 Treehouse Athletic Club


Oh wow! Another thing we need to get started on right away is the wedding announcement. As soon as you know your date you can send out your "Save the Date" cards and if you want a picture on your invitation think about that soon too. This list will give you the best 6 wedding invitation companies for you to consider. All of them do amazing work -  see who you feel fits your style the best. Remember they can help with all of your printed work- favors, name placement cards, thank you's, etc. 

_____ Invitations & Favors


 Ann Elizabeth Custom Invitations

  Bliss Design Studio


  Jaffa Printing Company

  Mike Bailey Printing


This category is a fun one and your decision is going to be totally based on the theme and style you are looking to pull off on your wedding day. It's music and entertainment. It can go anywhere from a string quartet, a band, a DJ, etc. One thing is this piece of your BIG GAME is important. The entertainers we have are all very experienced and will keep the party going at the speed you want it to go. They will be your fun and your clock- one thing you probably didn't realize! They will help remind you that it's the time you wanted to cut the cake, throw the bouquet, have your BIG DANCE, etc. If you want to be totally entertained for the next hour or so - sit and watch many of their video's and hear the music they provide. Think all of this through with the atmosphere and mood you want for your celebration.  It's all good- it's all different! And it's all up to you! 


_____  Music & Entertainment


   Complete Music Video Photo

   Contemplative Piano by David Tolk

 Festival Sounds

  Joe Muscolino Bands 

 Laughing Gravy Entertainment

  Maywood String Quartet

 Michael Lucarelli

 Network DJs

  Public Opinions Soundstage

  The Groove Merchants



Nobody can get married without an officiant, so we better look into this elite group!  Three great officiants that will bring out your best wishes and pronounce you Man and Wife. This is what all of this madness is about anyway, isn't it !? 




  Irene J Bozich

 Minister Lee

  Reverand Leslie Reynolds-Benns


Alright are you hanging in there? We have 2 more to go, but they are really fun ones- kind of like free throws!  

Flowers...  This ties in the decorations, your theme and the wedding colors you have chosen. Here are 8 elite floral shops ready to serve you and help you make the best of everything! Since we are talking about free throws, it reminded me of an idea that was given to me when I was married- The florist made my bridal bouquet but when I was ready to throw my bouquet, we traded it for another one that was made- and this was special because it was 24 red roses that were singles, so when I threw it there were 24 girls who got a rose! They loved it and it was a fun surpirse. Lets get on with this madness...


_____  FLOWERS 


   Best Buds Floral & Gifts 


   Bloomers Flowers & Decor  St. George


    Brown Floral 


  Flower Patch


  Flowers on Main

  Flowers Squared


    Native Flower Company 

Tuxedos - you may have to take your man out of the game for a few seconds and ask him what he likes and tie it in with your colors, etc. Great options are found at these two tuxedo shops - you will find more choices than you have ever dreamed of. What uniform is he going to wear? Make sure your man shows up looking like a million bucks! 




  Jim's Formal Wear 


That should give you some things to talk and think about until tomorrow!!  Go team!  Final Four Coming SOON! 


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  2. Re: Top 10 Wedding Pranks

    Great and surprising wedding prank ideas.......very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    --Tyler ward

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